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An outdoor 20-minute contemporary dance duet for adult and family audiences.

We Rise…

At a time when human connection, alliance and renewal have never been more important and far-reaching,

Dovetail ignites a rebirth; a highly physical explosive and emotive duet that delves into what it means to

rebuild and rediscover oneself with the help of another.

Dovetail brings together the creative talents of the award winning Choreographer Mickael 'Marso' Riviere, VDT Co-Artistic Directors Laura Vanhulle and Oliver Russell, and Domenico Angarano one of the UK’s leading musical composers.


Commissioned by Vanhulle Dance Theatre 

Artistic director of VDT/Dancers: Oliver Russell and Laura Vanhulle

Concept, Choreography, Photography and Film: Mickael Marso Riviere

Music: Domenico Angarano

Producer: Juliet Thomas

Business management: Linda Saunders

Supported by: Arts Council England, Dance-East, Swindon Dance, Impington Village.

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