Company Decalage, Mad Dope Kru, B-Side Hip Hop Festival and Marso Riviere Photography

Image: Haze Kware


dancer, photographer,creator, creative director, choreographer

  • T-Break is an outdoor 20-minute promenade, site-specific dance performance for adult and family audiences featuring live music.

    Currently touring 2019-2020

  • "KRE8!” is a 2vs2 (Bonnie & Clyde *see full description ) Experimental conceptual dance battle   open to any style under the street dance umbrella and beyond, live music is a crucial part of the event as well as a DJ warming up the audience  



    2019 R&D project lead by Marso Riviere, exploring Phantom Limbs syndrome and mass consumption stimuli. Aiming to create a 60min live performance for 2020 

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    Marso is known for his unique style of movement and deliver performance, education, and residency work across the dance sector both in the UK and abroad.